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Depression; Anxiety; Grief; Stress; Life Issues; LGBT Issues; Adjustment/Transition Issues

  • I’m having problems in a relationship
  • I’m sad or depressed and I don’t know why
  • I’m going through some major changes in my life and I just can’t cope
  • Someone close to me told me that they are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender and I am having difficulty coping with their identity
  • I just need to talk to somebody
  • I keep doubting myself and my abilities
  • I have fears that get in my way
  • Someone close to me just died
  • I’m having problems coping with my sexuality/gender identity and I don’t know what to do
  • I’m stressed out because of my job
  • I just can’t make myself get up and accomplish anything
  • My partner/spouse and I don’t seem to communicate well anymore

Dr. Bates views the counseling process as a real relationship between people. Counseling and psychotherapy sessions with her are typically very relaxed and informal as she can help you develop goals to help clarify your situation, consider your options, and make decisions. You will be empowered to make choices that lead to a more fulfilled and integrated life. As you explore together what makes you “tick” this will help you decide what is “working,” choose what to change, and ultimately live a more intentional and integrated life. So, if you recognize that something in your life needs to change and have a commitment, readiness, and willingness to pursue that change, please contact us (make this a click through link to the Contact Us page) for an initial consultation.

Dr. Bates also undertakes workshops and lectures throughout Georgia and the USA.

Self-Pay Clients Also Welcome. Please contact office for self pay service fees.
No checks please with payment in full at the time of your appointment.
Cancellation policy – payment in full unless 24 hours notice is given

Insurances accepted include*:
Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, ComPsych, Magellan, and Tricare

*Please contact your insurance company about reimbursement of Dr. Bates/Self-SOULstice, LLC – in office and mobile services.

If you have ‘Out of Network’ benefits, Self-SOULstice, LLC will provide documentation for submission to your insurance company for reimbursement. It is your responsibility to pay Self-SOULstice, LLC at the time of the service and file your own insurance claims. Please contact your insurance company for details of your coverage and information about filing an ‘Out of Network’ claim.

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